About us

The G channel is IGNI productions network, the window to showcase content aimed to ignite our own imagination and to celebrate human beings potential. It’s mission is very unique: to use storytelling to make us understand we are a pART of life, both documenting our human adventure and creating outstanding meaningful entertainment. We want to push the creative side of us to communicate within one another. Life is about crafting our own path. We document that path and share it through incredible storytelling.

At the G channel we create projects that capture the adventurous path of a creative human venture. We know story telling… We think in images, syllables and pigments. We talk in music, words and colors. We speak the visual language that the modern culture understands.

The “G” from the G channel stands for Leonardo da Vinci’s La Gioconda.

The channel can be seen around the world.

Please visit IGNI productions page for more information: www.igniproductions.com

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